Black Star Pastry – Newtown


Set within the kaleidoscope of culture, music, art, people and food that is the little bohemian town of Newtown, Black Star Pastry does a tango on your palate. They are able to satisfy that breakfast fix, an afternoon grab and those lazy weekend delights. On offers are the traditional breads, their version of French pastry, a cake cabinet and to satisfy the Aussie, succulent pies.


Its tiny retail arena is fitted with a window bench and rocks that doubles as coffee tables, while on the outside the pavement is furnished with a church pew and metal and wooden canteen stools. The display is minimal but sufficient to showcase their daily sweet and savoury offerings. You are usually greeted with a strong aroma of coffee as you enter. Your cup of black gold is made in front of you and served to you by the friend waiters who occasionally stop to have a small chat.

The star product that comes out of Black Star’s kitchen has to be the mouth-watering Strawberry Watermelon and Rose Cream cake. This photogenic cake slice stands towering when it is served.


Its well define layers of fresh crispy watermelon , sandwiched between fragrant rose cream and thin  almond dacquoise are dressed with juicy strawberries and rained with pistachios and rose petals.  This unusual combination of fruits battles with flavours and textured in your mind, but once you take that first bite you can only ponder on how these two completely different summer fruits create a symphony in the mouth.


The other sweet offering that humbled me was the EVO cake; an olive oil cake. You wouldn’t think that olive oil plays a role in pastry production,  but to find out that it’s the key ingredient and flavour in this cake is baffling.


This pistachio olive oil cake is covered with a sweet tangy lemon glaze and features an Australian produce olive oil, Alto Vividus. Once again the marriage of the flavours and texture are perfectly blended together to provide melodious experience on the palate.


This establishment was open in late 2008 by Chef Christopher Thé a Sydney-sider, in a quiet part of Newtown opposite Newtown police station. His clear vision and technique drives his team to produce these wonderful pastries. The décor and ambiance create a perfect excuse for you to travel to this part of Sydney, couple the experience with a good cuppa and Black Star is my star.

277 Australia Street
NSW 2042









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