Emperor’s Garden Bakery Cakes – Haymarket


Oh yes I found it…walking along the streets of Haymarket. I stumbled upon Emperor’s Garden Bakery. A long queue drew me to investigate the offerings of this place. And when I walked it I was just blown away. Sydney had a bakery that reminded me of my childhood. Needless to say, I joined the queue that stretched across the entrance.

Located in Sydney’s Chinatown, this bakery is the work of Mr Stanley Yee Oam. A traditional Cantonese bakery serving every pastry delight of its cuisine. For Singaporeans, I refer  to it as “under block bakery”. The sweet soft custard buns and succulent BBQ pork buns, they have got it all. From cakes to breads, pastries to savoury yums. What excited me was the ang ku kueh; a glutinous rice cake filled with sweet mung bean or peanut, traditionally served on banana leaf. Also, the tao sa pia; a traditional flaky pastry with a bean filling. My favourites.


The highlight of my afternoon at the bakery was what laid at the end of the bee-line, Emperor’s Puff. This is a bite size soft puff with molten lava-like custard that comes with a huge warning on its store front, “Emperor’s Puff are freshly baked and are served hot”. At a bargain of 4 for $1, it has to be Sydney’s cheapest snack.


These puffs are mass produced right in front of you, or rather, through a horse hole window, with a huge stainless steel machine that constantly pumps out puff after puff. It has to be a one of a kind in Sydney. As soon as they are cooked, they are immediately packed and sold. A word of advice, never pop the whole thing in your mouth despite their small appearance. It would certainly scald your tongue.


With most products priced at $1, it is a steal for Sydney-siders. Cakes for birthday and celebrations at $12 is another bargain up your sleeves. And on cold winter nights with a bag of hot puffs in hand, what more could you ask for. If traditional Cantonese delights are what you fancy, Emperor’s Garden Bakery & Cakes has to be your cup of tea.



96-100 Hay Street, Haymarket Chinatown
Sydney, NSW 2000




One Response to “Emperor’s Garden Bakery Cakes – Haymarket”
  1. Rachael says:

    the photos are enough to make me salivate! 🙂

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