Gumshara – Traditional Japanese Ramen


Tucked in a food court at Chinatown’s Harbour Plaza lies one of the city’s best traditional Japanese Ramen. When they tell you not to  judge a book by its cover, this is an awesome example. In the most discerning depths of a very Asian style food court, Eating World, a humble stall stands  the end  of a the line of Asian stalls.


They offer only ten dishes and several other sides and additions. Each one of their ten ramen dishes is christen with a mother broths of all broths. This golden jewel of porky goodness is made with astonishing quantities of pork bones daily, 120kg to be precise. Surprisingly it only has 2 ingredients, pork bones and water, cooked over 7 days, no salt, no sugar and no MSG. The sign on the store front gives you a little understanding of this broth, “The richness of the soup comes from the marrow of the bone and the soft bone. It contains a lot of collagen, which is essential in to maintain smooth skin”.

There are several variety of flavours on offer such as ramen with BBQ pork, spare ribs, garlic, tomato, miso and even fish, all of it with the Tonkotsu broth. Every bowl of ramen comes with an array of condiments and additions that you could add to this already rich dish.


Often people find the broth too thick or salty to their liking, and Gamshara is more than willing to adjust the strength to suit your palate. A note of advice, get there before 3pm, as they usually change their stock pot after lunch so the days stock is much lighter.


I found this gem in the most unlikely of places, with only a red curtain, a lantern and a large menu banner that decorates the stall. The mastery of a simple broth and the creation of the best ramen treasure lie behind those curtains. Hands down, it has been the best ramen I have had thus far.


Shop 211 Harbour Plaza, Eating World
25-29 Dixon Street, Haymarket Chinatown
Sydney, NSW 2000







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