Harry’s Cafe de Wheels


Happy Australia Day! What a better way to kick off this adventure with an Aussie icon. Harry’s Café de Wheels is a Sydney institution that started near the gates of Woolloomooloo Naval Yard in 1938. It has grown among the people of Sydney through the ages to become an icon being featured in numerous television shows and even an album cover.


Harry’s Café de Wheels is the star of the unofficial national dish of Australia; Meat Pies. They serve an array of meat pies, hotdogs and seafood pies too. With time they have grown from a push cart by the wharfs of Woolloomooloo to nine stands across the greater Sydney region. I’ve yet to meet a Sydney sider who hasn’t had one of their famous pies or hotdogs. Several of their stands have been turned to a café style establishment with seats and tables for you to sit and savoury theirs creations. I visited one that sit under the nose of Capitol Theatre in Haymarket.

Harry’s is best known for its “Tiger Pies”, aptly named after its founder Harry Tiger Edwards. This is a succulent meat pie, topped with mash potato, crowned with a pea mash and finally christened with gravy. It is quite a bit to handle.


The pies here are made with good quality meat. The mash smooth as silk and the pea is chucky but my favourite has to be the gravy. The combination of textured of meat, pastry, mash and that hot gravy is just a symphony in the mouth.

I have also tried their famous Hotdog with the Lot. This is a hotdog that is filled with mashed peas, topped with beefy chilli with beans and drizzled with cheese & spicy chilli sauce.


The combination of flavours work so well together. It is a spectacle to be able to devour this hotdog without a mess especially with a group of mates around.

A true Aussie icon with decades of history, Harry’s Café De Wheels is a must have if you are visiting Sydney. If you are a Sydney-sider and have yet to try them, what the bloody hell are you waiting for? Grab one this Australia day and celebrate and pay tribute to Australia with an Aussie, by an Aussie and from an Aussie.









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