Bourke Street Bakery – Surry Hills


Bourke Street bakery sits at the corner of Devonshire and Bourke Street of course. Nestled among a quaint residential neighbourhood of Surry Hills, this bakery is bustling with people stopping by to pick up their breakfast on the way to work or enjoying their coffee with fresh sourdough under the canopy of London Plane trees.

The store’s retail space is rather compact, managing to fit no more than 5 people at any one time. This usually results in a queue that stretches out into the street. The store front is lined with metal stools and wooden tables where patrons spend a better part of the day basking in the sun while enjoying a brew of mouth feel coffee and catching up with mates. I like the industrial canteen feel that the dining furniture portrays. For those who prefer a little intimate space, the bakery offers a cushioned window box with a couple of tables and the morning paper.


Bourke Street’s mighty good Pork and  Fennel sausage roll have be the product they are most known for. It is a spiced pork sausage with whole fennel seeds wrapped around a flaky pastry case.


The aroma of freshly baked rolls sets your minds into a state of frenzied excitement especially when you are lucky enough to witness them bring out a fresh tray. Served on metal camping plates these rolls are to die for. I had 2 rolls and packed 2 more to go as I was just so drawn to the fillings in these rolls.


After having returned to earth from heaven with the Pork & Fennel sausage rolls, there was no better way to round up the afternoon other than with the beautiful Ginger Brulee. You have got to be a fan of ginger to fall in love with this awesome pastry.



This is a creamy custardy tart with a powerful smack of ginger with that crunchy burnt sugar. The taste of ginger is largely pronounced though it eases with each bite. The balance of sweetness and that tingling spice of ginger is a marriage made in heaven. I washed it down with a good latte and, I was totally satisfied with my trip to Bourke Street.


This bakery is not just a weekend trip but a daily stop before the start your day. The aroma of fresh bread coupled with great coffee and good satisfying sweet & savoury pastry make Bourke Street my favourite bakery in Sydney for now. I envy those who live right next door to this baking heaven.


633 Bourke Street  Surry Hills

NSW 2010










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